Brad’s Coffee Equipment

To ensure our fresh roasted coffee gets the best possible treatment, Brad’s Coffee’s state of the art equipment will brew the best cup of coffee every time. 

Here is a look at a few of the models we can set up at your office or business:

Liquid Coffee:

Bunn Coffee equipment


Wilbur Curtis Decanters

Specialty Dispensers:






Airpots and Thermals:


If your office runs on coffee, Brad’s Coffee Service can help you run like an efficient (caffeinated) machine!

Why On-Demand Liquid Coffee?

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We Proudly Brew!


Example of Brad’s Coffee Equipment Setup…

Example set up

Clients Reveal How They Feel…

“Luther Family Buick GMC is a proud customer of Brad’s Coffee Service since June 2012. Brad Vangerud and Brad’s Coffee Service provides quality and great tasting coffee and cappuccino for our customers and employees.”

Shawn Preabt, Controller at Luther Family Buick GMC

“Brad is very attentive to providing the best equipment and product on the market today. We highly recommend Brad’s Coffee Service for your business or institution.” 

“If you use Brad’s Coffee service, then you have a no worries approach to your coffee service.  Brad’s provides weekly monitoring of our coffee supplies, by rotating and ordering based on a par levels that we set up.  This allows our really busy staff to concentrate on providing great service to our customers.  We operate three really busy coffee kiosks, and having Brad’s Coffee provide our supplies was one of the best decisions we have made this year.” 


Lisa Gibson, Director of Food Services